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Devastatingly in the last week a deadly explosion occurred outside a school in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul... taking the lives of at least 50 students and injuring dozens, most of them girls between the ages of 11 and 15.

The New York Times reported “13 year old Mohammad Farid, identified the backpack of his sister, Fereshta. It was found amid the debris at the scene. He Gasped in between his tears as a stranger comforted him. He threw the bag back in the pile. "What's the use of this bag for me? I want my sister," he said.”

I could never have imagined that our screening of At Five in the Afternoon, a film from Afghanistan about a group of young girls attending school, and details these very tragedies, would coincide in the same week... This isn’t just a film, this is reality for many. I didn’t charge anyone anything to watch this film because I wanted it to be as accessible as possible so that as many people as possible could see it. If you could have paid for a ticket please consider donating what you would have spent, I have linked donation pages to a couple go fund me pages which are on the ground in Kabul. The money will go towards rebuilding the school and to the families who were directly affected by this attack. Please consider donating or just sharing about what happened. Thank You.